Kitsap County Cornhole Classic

Finals: July 27, 2019, Downtown Port Orchard

Preliminary Tournaments around Kitsap County

Coming this summer to a business near you! 

On July 27, 2019 the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce will be holding the first ever Kitsap County Cornhole Classic Finals in downtown Port Orchard.

This is a great opportunity to get away and play for the day. Visit Kitsap County and Port Orchard. Join in our tournament at one of the local pubs or come to the Open invite on July 13th and 20th. Finalists play on July 27th for the Championship. 

Leading up to the finals there will be several Preliminary Tournaments around Kitsap County to determine which teams can participate in the finals.

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Can’t wait to get started. Cooling off before the Peninsula BevCo Prelim!
First and Second Place teams from the Dock/Josephines/Hayter Com. Prelim!
National Tavern Prelim July 15th!
Chuck’n corn at the WigWam
Despite the Kilts, competition was serious.
Those boards are sure far apart.
We have a winner!!
Okay guys- no biting, kicking or hitting below the belt!
Somebody got lucky in the Alley