Kitsap County Cornhole Classic

Preliminary Tournament Qualifying Results

Preliminary Tournaments are hosted by local businesses and organizations throughout Kitsap County.

In order to make it to the finals on July 27th, you must play in a Preliminary Tournament at one of these locations.  


Results from the Preliminary Tournaments will be posted as the results come in.




Peninsula BevCo

First Place Scott Tetz
  Cody Larson
Second Place Chad Nass
  Emery Nass
Third Place Tom Alonzo
  Anthony Alonzo
Fourth Place Shawn Stayton
  Josh Black

Dog Days Brewing

First Place Darrin Martin
  Isaiah McAllister
Second Place Kevin Guffey
  Jeremy Stephens

National Tavern

First Place Doug DeMulling
Second Place Greg Cleveland
  Chanlin Morgan
Third Place Mike Morris
  Briant Jenkins
Fourth Place Stan Hosmer
  Adam Roy

Whiskey Gulch

First Place Patrick Walker
  Dan Leenstra
Second Place Fallon McCrea
  Josh McCrea
Third Place Greg Steiger
  Brady Steiger
Fourth Place Mike Alonzo

WigWam/Deep Draft Brewing

First Place Brent Miller
  Jerry Bartlett
Second Place Jim Kershaw
  Pete Williams
Third Place Cole Sunkel
  Domenic Muscolo
Fourth Place Ted Ness
  Del Hartwell

The Dock/Josephines/Hayter Comm

First Place Casey Jamrog
  Tom Jamrog
Second Place Mike Green
Third Place Kyle Wooten
  Adam Tabor
Fourth Place Rob Putaansuu
  Mark Trenary

Annapolis Fitness

First Place Alicia Van Diest
  Ron Gascoyne
Second Place Rebecca
Third Place Dash
Fourth Place Hannah Spohn
  Ken Spohn